Text Box: “JESS”  - Jetaime Elegance du Futur    -    Agility results

Xanova Jeton Noir avec Chatmar  x  Champion  Je T’Aime Esprit D’Elegance (Roxy)

Born 29 August 2007          


Nov                                Discover Dogs                           ABC Crufts Qualifier 3rd

Aug                                Derbyshire                     G1-5     ABC Crufts Qualifier   9th

Aug                                Derbyshire                     G5        Agility                           3rd

Aug                                Diamond                       G5        Agility                            4th (both days)

June                                Roseland                       G5        Agility                            1st

June                                Barnstable                     G5        Agility                            3rd

02.5.14                          Wadebridge                   G5        Jumping                         1st



October Jess wins out of Grade 4 at Adams Agility Show, Derbyshire and is now competing in GRADE 5 AGILITY !!!!!

Numerous wins throughout 2013 including at the World Championships in Slovenia!


Kennel Club Agility Warrant (GOLD) Award


“2013 Highlights”



29.03.13           Kernow K9                                 G4-5     Jumping                         9th

31.03.13           Kernow K9                                 G4-5     Agility                            4th

13.04.13           Spring at Shuttleworth             G4-5     Jumping                         8th

14.04.13           Spring at Shuttleworth             G4-5     Agility                            9th

19.05.13           Carn Brae                                   G4-5     Jumping                         4th

01.06.13           Wye Valley                                G4-5     Jumping                         5th

02.06.13           Wye Valley                                G4-5     Jumping                         8th

02.06.13           Wye Valley                                G4-5     Agility                            6th

29.06.13           Lansdown                                   G4        Agility                            8th

30.06.13           Lansdown                                   G4        Jumping                         8th

14.07.13           Sherborne Vale                         G4-5     Agility                            3rd

14.07.13           Sherborne Vale                         G4-5     Jumping                         3rd

26.07.13           Derbyshire                                  G4-7     Agility                            4th

26.07.13           Derbyshire                                  G3-4     Agility                            6th

28.07.13           Derbyshire                                  G4-5     Agility                            5th

18.08.13           Cornwall                                    G4-5     Agility                            4th

25.08.13           Roseland                                    G4-5     Jumping                         2nd

25.08.13           Roseland                                    G4-5     Agility                            4th

14.09.13           Blackdown                                 G3-4     Jumping                         7th

28.09.13           Nedlo                                           G3-4     Agility                            8th

06.10.13           Chippenham                               G4-5     Agility                            9th

12.10.13           Adams                                         G4-7     Agility                            3rd

13.10.13           Adams                                         G4-5     Agility                            1st

13.10.13           Adams                                         G3-5     Agility                            2nd

13.10.13           Adams                                         G1-4     Jumping                         2nd

20.10.13           BHC                                            G4-5     Jumping                         6th

20.10.13           BHC                                            G4-5     Agility                            6th



Dec 2015 Jess is going to represent UK at the BSD World Agility France 2016

Oct 2015 Jess wins out of G5 up to G6 !!!!!

Mar 2015  Jess wins 3rd place Large Novice Agility CRUFTS 2015 !!!!!

Nov 2014 Jess qualifies for the Agility Finals at Crufts 2015 !!!!

Oct 2013 Jess wins out of Grade 4 !!!

May 2013 Jess in Slovenia at BSD World Ch Show wins great places /clear rounds

Feb 2013 Jess qualifies for the BSD World Agility Ch Show in Slovenia !!!

Jess has the KC Agility Warrant Gold Award – AW(G) 2013

Jess has Won G2 WBSDS Agility League 2011 !!!

Jess and Eva have won 5th place in the Kennel Club Final of The Agility Club

Large Starters Agility Challenge July 2011. 

Agility Eye the highest placed dog in Grade 2 East/South East region in 2011.


Jess and Tony in Slovenia