Text Box:   Roxy’s daughter  “ANOUSHKA”  -  Jetaime Anoushka a Elegance    (R.I.P . My Love  . . November 2019   )

Xanova Jeton Noir avec Chatmar  x Champion Jetaime Esprit D’Elegance (Roxy)

29 August 2007.     Hip Score  3:3.          Eyes Clear February 2010


Roxy’s daughter Anoushka has the most lovely temperament and is an absolute delight to live with, she has astounded us with her consistent success in the show ring, being a real little show girl, though she is still very immature. Anoushka is our 3rd generation breeding and very much like her mother Roxy and of course her gorgeous Sire Token.  She has inherited her mothers stunning head and expression and wonderful movement.

Her pedigree combines some of the most influential lines in Europe and the UK. She lives here with her Mum, Granny and Uncle! 28th June 2010 she had a lovely litter of 7 puppies, see the Allure litter. Daughter Delphe  2CC’s & 1 Res CC at aged 2. Daughter Janneka 1 CC and 3 RCC.




Text Box: * RBB Boston Ch Show 2109 *
* RBB /BV S Counties Ch Show 2018 *    
* BB / BOB Manchester Ch Show 2018 
BB Windsor Ch 2017 *
* BVIS BSDA Ch Show 2016 *
* RCC  Bournemouth Ch Show 2015  *  
* RCC   E of England Ch 2015   *
(daughter Janneka CC!!!)
* BB / RBOB BSDA of GB Apr 2013 * 
 * RBB Richmond Ch  2012  * 
*  C.C.  WKC Ch   * 
* B.O.B. BOSTON Ch Show  2011 *
 * RBB  BSDA  Oct 09 *  
* RCC 3 Counties Ch  09 * 
 * RBB   S Counties Ch  09 * 
 * RCC   SKC Ch  08 * 
 * RCC   WKC Ch  08 *  
 * BB  WELKS Ch  08 * 
 * RBB  BSDA  Oct 08  * 
 * RBB  Mid. Counties Ch 08 *









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Richmond Ch Show Sept 2012 Res Best Bitch

Very elegant & feminine attractive shapely mature 5 year old, very pleasing & typical head & expression which I preferred to 2. Lovely overall body & side outline with ideal topline, one of the style& shape I liked & moved with an active true gait. RBB”

Judge  :  G Hill


Driffield  Sept 2011

“Attractive bitch who stood out for me, quality head and expression, just the right amount of neck with good angles to front quarters, good depth of forechest & body proportions, loved her overall profile when standing, moved with ease around the ring”

Judge: Kevin Young


WKC Aug 2011 Best Bitch / C.C.

Very beautiful bitch, beautiful head and expression with very dark eyes, flat skull, well set ears, scissor bite and lovely top and underline with good length of leg, good depth of chest, full length well carried tail, with nice tight feet, well angulated her movement is a pleasure to watch, in beautiful condition & well handled CC her 1st”

Judge:  Judith Cloutt


Henley  Feb 2011 BB/BOB

3 yr old bitch. Best mover of the day, so balanced, free and sound, kept body shape and tail carriage, so well made all through, plenty of neck, good head carriage, strong topline into good rear quarters, sharp profile, neat feet, lovely balanced head, correct ear and eye, so alert, good body weight and muscle tone . Best of Breed.

Judge:  Marion Hodgson


Boston Ch Show Jan 2011 BB/BOB

Very attractive bitch, head of medium length, good stop, dark eye, small high set ears, very alert and attentive, good angles and top line with good depth of chest, free and easy movement, sufficient coat of good texture and length. Best Bitch. Best of Breed.’

Judge:  Neil Harris


Horsham March 2010 BOB

“Elegant and very showy, very credible Best of Breed & following in her mothers footsteps”

Judge:   Ruth Johnston










Camberley Nov 09 BAVNSC & G 2

“Lovely bitch who really caught my eye, alert and showy. Excellent angulations,  very good length of neck to beautifully chiselled skull of equal proportions for skull and muzzle, dark eye, excellent ears. Moved very sound, light on her feet. BAVNSC & G2.”

Judge:  Toni Jackson


Driffield Ch Oct 09 1st PGB


“Excellent eye and good ears, very feminine expression with a good outlook, steady mover with a good jacket.”


Judge:   Steve Hall


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critiques on Anoushka

Anoushka’s Offspring:




Aged 5 winning Best Bitch BSDA of GB 4/13

K Buckley

A McLaren

Manchester Ch Show 2018 BB / BOB


“Jetaime Anoushka 10 Year old in excellent condition, firm strong topline, square outline. Excellent angulation front and rear and good reach of neck. Correct slope to rump and tail correctly and set low. Feminine head, excellent planes for skull and muzzle and balance length of both. Dark eye and well used ear give correct intelligent look. Moves very well with typical jaunty action. Covering ground with light step. BOB." 

Judge : Toni Jackson