Text Box: ‘ECHO’    Jetaime Higher Love PDH  ( ‘Prix d’Honneur ‘)
One Last Dance av Vikholmen  x  Ch Jetaime Essence de Parfait
23 rd May 2017       Hips 2:3         
Reserved: E MAIL

Echo  lives with Bettina and her family in Guernsey and is a wonderful ambassador for the breed. Echo  has been taking the show scene by storm . . Winning a Best Puppy in Show at the Guernsey Kennel Club Show and adult Group 1 and 4th Best in Show as a puppy !  He now has 3 Res CC’s and 1 CC from Jersey KC.


Echo has also started obedience and agilty where he is also showing a great talent


Click here for Echo’s Show Critiques


Show Results:

Aug 2023 Guernsey KC                        BOB, Group 2   R Johnson


July 2023 Leeds Ch Show 1st Open Dog & Res CC   B Henderson


July 2023 NORBEL Show 1st Open Dog and Best Dog  Louise Patterson


July 2023 E of England Ch Show 1st Open Dog. B Rushton.


April 2023 W&PBW Ch Show  Best Dog.  Sally Duffin


Oct 2022 BOB Group 1 and 3rd BIS Guernsey KC Winter |Show


Oct 2022 Res Best Dog  Midland Counties Ch Show


Sept 2022 BEST IN SHOW   Guernsey KC Show


July 2022   Windsor Ch Show  1st Open Dog  (Gains KC Stud Book No)   C Munro


May 2022    Guernsey KC Group 2                                                         J Carter


March 2022 Crufts 2022  3rd Open Dog                                                Margy Pratten


Mar 2022 Guernsey KC Group1. 4th  BEST IN SHOW                   Allyson King


Nov 2021 Jersey KC Ch Show Group 2 and RCC

Feb 2020 Guernsey Members Show BOB and Group 2

November 2019 Jersey KC Show  BOB and Group 3

October 2019 Guernsey KC Show BOB, Group 1 

and RES BEST in SHOW:  Cath Moffat : S Marshall

August 2019 Jersey Ch Show BOB, Group 2 and RCC  :  Simon Parsons

August 2019 Bournemouth Ch Show  1st Limit Dog

August 2019 Paignton Ch Show 2nd Limit Dog and 1st Stakes class (of 15)

July 2019 NW&PBS Ch Show 2nd Limit Dog

June 2019 Jersey Ch Show BOB  and RCC  :  Liz Cartledge

June 2019 Windsor Ch Show 2nd Limit Dog

May 2019 The National 2nd Limit Dog

Feb 2019 Guernsey KC Members Show BOB, BYIS

Dec 2018 Guernsey KC BOB

Aug 2018  Paignton Ch Show 1st Junior

Aug 2018 NORBEL Ch Show 2nd Junior, 1st Yearling ‘Excellent’ Grade

Aug 2018  BSDA of GB Ch Show 2nd Yearling ‘Excellent’ Grade

July 2018 BOB, Group 2, Jersey RCC, Best Junior and Yearling Group, Jersey KC Ch Show :Robin Newhouse

June 2018 BOB, CC, Group 1, 4th Res BEST in SHOW Jersey KC Ch Show : Mrs Meg Purcell Carpenter

May 2018 1st PGD Bath Ch Show

May 2018 BP and BOB Guernsey KC

May  2018 Best Puppy in Breed at The National Ch Show

Apr 07 1st Puppy, Junior, Novice and BOB , PG 1 and 4th Best Puppy in Show at the Jersey KC Show!!!





Jersey KC Ch Show BOB. BPIB, Puppy Group 1 and 4th Best Puppy in Show April 2018


Guernsey KC 20 May 18

Guernsey Kennel Club March 2018