Text Box:    “SPIRIT “  -  Champion   Jetaime   Etoile   Du   Futur  - Sh CM   (owned by Les Muirhead)
Xanova Jeton Noir avec Chatmar  x  Ch Je T’Aime Esprit D’Elegance (Roxy)  Born 29 August 2007       -       Eyes Clear



Text Box: C.C / B.O.B. CRUFTS 2016 : S Mallard
C.C.  /  B.O.B.   / GROUP 3    SKC Ch Show 2015 : Ann Brown
C.C.  /  B.O.B.   WKC Ch Show 2015 : Kevin Young
C.C.  /  B.O.B.  E of England Ch Show 2015 : Louise England
C.C.  /  B.O.B.  E of England Ch Show 2012 : J Carter
C.C.   E of England Ch Show 2011 : Paul England
C.C.   SKC  Ch Show 2010 : Jeff Horswell
C.C.  /  B.O.B.  NW&PBS Ch Show  2010 : Irene Green
C.C.   East of England Ch Show  2010 : Paul Lawless
C.C.  /  B.O.B.  SKC Ch Show  2010 : D Stansbury  
C.C.   National  Ch Show  2009 : F Somerfield
C.C.   Darlington  Ch Show  2009 : Lorna England

Text Box: 12 CC’s  
14 RCC’s

Birmingham Ch Show 2018 RCC

2Super dog, excellent type, with impressive head, having correct planes, well chiselled face, dark eye and free flowing movement.

He has the deep chest with short loin giving that Belgian shape. Well balanced all round, of excellent character and easy to go over

 At 10 years old a very impressive dog, pleased to award him the Reserve Dog CC.2 Judge: Bob Rushton


Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Ch Show Nov 2015  BOB

“Outstanding male of lovely type showing immense presence. Excellent front angulation with lovely body shape & correct body

proportions. Keen & alert expression, turned out in beautiful condition, he commanded the ring. Couldn’t fault his movement &

easily my BOB today.”  Judge : Cath Moffat


WKC Ch Show Aug 2015 C.C. / BOB / BV

“A gorgeous male who is full of quality, lovely balanced head with correct shape eye, ears well placed to give the desired expression,

beautiful compact body with good front and rear angulations, correct tail carriage to give a lovely outline when moving, it was a

pleasure to award him CC, BOB and BV”  Judge : K Young


SKC Ch Show Aug 2015 C.C.  /  BOB  /  GROUP 3

“Stunning 8 year old dog, well shaped head, dark almond eye, small ears used well, good powerful body, coat good dark colour well groomed, perfect temperament,  scissor bite, brisk free movement. CC, BOB, G3”

Judge :  Ann Brown


E of England Ch Show July 2015 C.C.  /  BOB

“ 7 years young. Beautiful & handsome male. Lovely head with nice parallel lines, nice correct stop. Showed well & used his lovely ears well. Slightly round eyes but they are dark. Good pigment. Level topline, nice croup, good turn of stifle. Tail a little short & presented in excellent condition. CC & BOB”   Judge  :  Louise England.


Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Ch Show Nov 2014

“ Quality male with so much to like about him. Masculine head carried proudly with dark almond eyes. Well muscled arched neck into good forequarters & deep chest. Good top line & strong rear quarters. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Pleased to ward him BOB” 

Judge  :  C Friend-Rees


NW&PBS Ch 2013  1st Open Dog

“Top quality dog with so much to offer, masculine head with

no sign of coarseness, dark well placed eye, small high set ears, super body shape with good depth of chest, firm backline and tail well set, straight front, nice amount of bone making a lovely overall picture”  Judge  : L Salt


The NATIONAL 2013  1st Open Dog

“Pleasing head and expression, good planes and filling, dark almond eye, tight lips, lovely straight front, bone and tight feet, body has substance and balance with moderate angulations and rounded croup, moved out easily”

Judge  :  S Hewart Chambers


E OF ENGLAND 2012 C.C./ B.O.B  Mum Roxy CC / B.O.S !!!

“ Lovely dog to look at in the stance, masculine head & refined, well balanced, in great body & condition, level topline, strong hindquarters, well let down hocks, free in movement, very sound. CC & BOB” 

Judge  :  J Carter


LEEDS 2011 B.O.B. / GROUP 2

“Such a typical representative of the breed, alert, elegant, yet very masculine head with perfect ears and expression, short body, correct coat and tail & with the brisk movement so typical of the breed.”

Group Judge:  Moa Persson.


NW&PBS 2010  CC & BOB

Entire dog, scissor bite, lovely well chiselled head, good head parallels, good muzzle, skull ratio,  good pigmentation, nice split of mouth, super Belgian expression, ,medium ears carried and used well, dark almond eye, moderate angulations, front and rear, well balanced body with good depth  and width of chest, moved round the ring with ease, an elegant example of the breed, well shown and presented. Pleased to award him CC and BOB

Judge:  Irene Green