Text Box: “JAZZ”  -  Vanistica French Gambler at Jetaime  R.I.P.  Beautiful boy    1/3/01—15/12/15


Fr / Lux  Ch Milan de la Closerie de Yenda                    


  Ch  Vanistica Brie de  Meaux        




Jazz is an exceptionally loving dog and has been described as having “excellent temperament” by various judges.


Jazz was graded excellent at BSDA & NBSDC Ch shows 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.


He  also won 1st PD at BSDA open  2001, and 1st PGD BSDA open 2002 and 1st LD / B D/ RBOB in Breed BSDA open 2003.

1st LD BSDA Open 2004

1st LD NBSDC Open May 06

BSDA Ch 06, 07, 09 Graded ‘Excellent’ NBSDC Ch 06, 07,09 Graded ‘Excellent’


Jazz passed away peacefully 15 Dec 2015. Aged 14 and 3/4 He had for the past few years worked as a ‘companion dog’ bringing happiness to elderly people who could not get out and about and who missed their dogs. He was an amazing ambassador for the breed and we were honoured to have him in our lives for so long . . .


Jazz is happy always, he just loves life and people and wants to please. He is v quick to learn. Jazz got his K C good citizens awards Bronze & Silver before 9 months of age. Jazz also excels at all he does, including agility & being the perfect  pet, he’s such a gentleman. He lives with his favourite 4 girls and loves nothing more than having all his ‘pack’ around him.

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