Text Box:   ASHLEY     ‘ Jetaime Moondance’ 
Bred by Kim Rolfe in partnership with Jetaime.



 Chrisvale Love Song



Jetaime Wyoming




Ashley lives in Kent with Adrian and Aunty Tosca.

Ashley started her showing in France at just 4 months old.


Ashley’s show results:


1st Junior Bitch            Norbel Ch Show                                    J Phillips

1st Junior Bitch            City of Birmingham Ch Show             S Pollock Yule

1st Junior Bitch            WKC Ch Show                                      T Thomson

1st Junior Bitch            Bournemouth Ch Show                         L Church

2nd JB (sister 1st)        Paignton Ch Show 23                            J Munro

1st Junior Bitch            Norbel                                                      L Patterson

1st Junior Bitch            Leeds Ch Show July 23                        B Henderson.

1st Junior Bitch            BSDA of GB Ch Show 23                    E Boliero

1st Junior Bitch            East of England Ch Show                     Bob Rushton

1st Junior Bitch            Bath Ch Show May 23                          C Friend-Rees

1st Junior Bitch            The National Ch Show May 23           Christina Chapman

1st JB AVNSC             Crystal palace CS April 23

1st PB /BPB                  BSDA of GB  April 23                         L Church

1st PB, BPB/BPIB       CRUFTS 23                                            D Flemming

BP / RBOB                   Kent County Feb 23                 

2nd PB (sister 1st)        Manchester Ch Show Jan 23                Fran Kaye

1st PB/BPIB                  LKA Ch Show Dec 22

BOB AVNSC                Woolwich Dec 2022











Ashley’s Critiques

Leeds  July 23 This young girl was balanced all through and of decent type, her head

was feminine of medium length with good expression. She moved truly with vigor and at one with her

handler. Her short body and correct movement won her the class.”  Judge : Billy Henderson

City of Birmingham Aug 23

“ 16 months. Pretty feminine head, good profile and well put together. Moved out soundly and freely”  Judge : S Pollock Yule

WKC Ch Show Aug 23

“ Nice young bitch, good shape, nice head and expression moved and showed well. “  T Thomson

Paignton Aug 23

“ 15 months, litter sister to 1. and they might swap places many times. Nice head, finer than 1, with dark almond eyes, medium ears used well. Head proportions still developing, ood length of muzzle. Well split mouth. Good body shape and angulations, good tail carriage. Moved well in good coat and condition. Very outgoing temperament. “ Jan Munro.

NORBEL July 23

“ 15 months , good outline and underline. Good coat. Dark eyes and ears of good shape and size. Atm moving a bit close in front and behind but balanced and elegant in movement”

The National May 23

“ Just over 12 months, good youngster with nice head ears and eyes. Well bodied and balanced for age and movement was so positive as is her temperament shown when her handler slipped and fell”  C Chapman.

CRUFTS March 2023

“ 12 months old and feminine throughout. Head is balanced with a slight bias on the muzzle, eye of good shape, set and colour, taller ears but set well and continually used. Sufficient bone, good topline and short in loin, had the edge on maturity over her litter sister”  Judge : Debbie Fleming

BSDA of GB Open Show Apr 2023

11 month old bitch of good type who has an abundance of coat. Square in shape, Nice head with good expression, dark eyes and well-set ears. Good angulation and moved well. Best Puppy Bitch”  Judge: Lynda Church

Wealdstone and Northolt Dec 2022

A lovely 8 month baby girl who was not phased by the hustle and bustle at all, nice outgoing character , alert and inquisitive expression , good size and shape of ear which were well set and used to advantage , good dark eye , good parallels , complete scissor bite , good pigmentation , would prefer a little more stop , moderate neck into defined wither , just off square but at that growing stage , moved true all ways , overall very promising puppy BEST PUPPY IN BREED “  Judge :  Shane Church

East Kent Jan 2023

“  Very unsettled but equally delightful young bitch of 10 months who was ‘spooked’ by something outside the ring, feminine head and expression with good pigment and ear set, nicely angulated with good body proportions, she moved out well in all directions when she focused, RBOB & BP. “  Judge : Cath Moffat