Text Box:   LYLA    ‘Jetaime Fly Me to the Moon’       ( DNA tested Homozygote .  Hip Score 2:0 )
Bred by Kim Rolfe in partnership with Jetaime.


 Chrisvale Love Song



Jetaime Wyoming


July 23. Lyla passes her Bronze and Silver GC Tests !!!





Lyla lives in Scotland with Marion and John. She has the most wonderful temperament. Lyla has some lovely show results at just 16 months old:


Res Best Bitch                            W&PBS Ch Show                     J Hill


Best Bitch, Group 2 SB           SKC Ch Show                            H Corkin


1st Junior B                                Darlington Ch Show                 J Armstrong


1st Yearling B                            Norbel Ch Show                       J Phillips


1st JB 1st SBB and BSB          Driffield Ch Show                     J Willingham

Group 2 SB


2nd JB (sister 1st)                     WKC Ch Show                         T Thomson


2nd JB (sister 1st)                     Bournemouth Ch Show 23       L Church


1st Junior Bitch                         Paignton Ch Show 2023          J Munro


2nd Junior Bitch (sister 1st)    Leeds Ch Show 2023                B Henderson


1st G D/B & BOB AVNSC     Kilmarnock Open Show July 23


1st yearling Bitch                      BSDA of GB Ch July 23          E Boriero


1st Yearling Bitch                     Norbel Open Show May 23     E Wilson


1st JB / 1st SBB  & Best SBS SKC Ch Show May 23


2nd Puppy Bitch CRUFTS 23 (sister Ashley 1st)                    D Flemming


Ist PB, 1st JB, BPB and BPIB  Manchester Ch Show January 2023


1st PB  BPIB / BEST BITCH W&PBS Ch Show Nov 2022 at just 7 months old.                                                                                                  A Scutcher


1st PB Bitch, Best Puppy Groenendael and Best Puppy in Show at the Northern BSD Open show at exactly 6 months old October 2022.







Paignton Ch Show Aug 23     “ 15 months, very outgoing, friendly girl, leggy at the moment, still maturing and developing at this stage. Nice head, dark eyes, well shaped and placed, medium ears slightly wide at base, used constanatly. Mouth well split, enquiring expression. Correct scissor bite. Good outling in stance. Chest still to deepen. Good front and rear angulations. Good square body shape. In good caot and condition for her age. Moved well all ways. Lovely character”  Jan Munro

Driffield Ch Show Aug 23 Group 2 SB      “Thomson Jetaime Fly Me To The Moon - Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael). Lovely elegant shape on the stand lovely head proportions and good eye shape using alertly her ears. Depth in chest and good elbow fit, ample stifles and neat hocks. Once In a stride showed a positive action. “  Allyson King 

Kilmarnock July 23     “Nice square outline, refined feminine head, well set erect ears, dark eyes. Adequate angulation, matching both ends. Well carried tail. Neat and precise sound gait from all views. Good temperment. BOB AVNSC pastoral.”   Helen Gutteridge.

NORBEL May 2023     “ Lovely square outline with beautiful enquiring expression. Fab eye and placement. Well placed ears of good shape and used constantly. Angulation good front and rear, nice tight feet and well let down hocks. Movement OK but could be a tad close at rear at times”  Elaine Wilson

Manchester Ch Show Jan 23    “ Elegant on the stand, feminine head, developing along correct lines, well filled foreface, dark eye, flexible front pasterns, nicely angulated front and rear just right for croup, moved freely with good all round action “ Fran Kaye

Cumberland AV Pastoral 2023    “ 10 months. Presenting a lovely outline & good body proportions. Clean well chiselled head and correct ear carriage. Nice arched neck, moderate angulation & firm topline. Light, brisk movement. “  M Bywater.

W&PBS Scotland Ch Show 2022     “This young lady really took my eye today, she has the most beautiful head and expression, lovely ears which just framed her head and expression, correct head proportions, moderate neck, good topline, short loin, moved briskly and steadily. At times she wasn’t quite standing right but when she pulled herself together she really did have such a lovely outline and shape to her. I couldn’t deny her BB & BP “   Alison Scutcher

Northern BSD Club Open Show 22 Oct 22     “ 6mth puppy bitch nice head good ear placement good top line well bodied for a pup good coat alert and happy moved well, for her first show  pleased to award BP AND BPIS.”    Norman Hughan