Text Box:   LUNA  ‘ Jetaime to the Moon and Back’ and  SPIRIT   ’Jetaime Spirit in the Sky’   
Bred by Kim Rolfe in partnership with Jetaime.



 Chrisvale Love Song



Jetaime Wyoming





Stayed at home with their Dams Chilli and Pepper and their breeder Kim and her family.

Both have lovely temperaments and have started very well in the show ring.




Jetaime Nevada



Jetaime All for Love




1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch and

Best Puppy in Breed Boston Ch Show Jan 2023


1st Post Grad Bitch Midland Counties Ch Show Oct 2022





1st Junior Bitch Boston Ch Show Jan 2023


1st Junior Bitch Midland Counties Ch Show Oct 2022



Spirit’s  Critiques:

MIDLAND COUNTIES CH Show :  “Nicely presented bitch in good coat and condition, feminine head with dark eye and good head proportions, nicely angulated front and rear with correct bone, good rib, top-line and tail set, she moved out well with a brisk, free action. “

Cath Moffat


BOSTON CH Show  :  “ Nice head, lovely pigment and good eyes, good bite, lovely ear set, good length of neck, well set shoulders, moved well, good top-line leading into a sound rear. “  Sally Duffin.

Luna’s Critiques:

MIDLAND COUNTIES CH Show :  “This bitch moved a little better in this class to secure 1st, feminine head with alert expression, dark eye, well set ears which she used well, good neck and strong shoulders, showed some free movement in profile, presented in good coat and condition.”  Cath Moffat


BOSTON CH Show:  “ Jetaime To The Moon and Back. Head of good proportion, dark eyes, nice bite with good pigmentation, nice neck and shoulders, good rear quarters, moved well, sound top-line, BP.”  Sally Duffin