Text Box: USA Litter   . . .  Jetaime Georgia    ‘’GEORGIA’           8th May 2019

Guildford Premier Show March 2023 Res BOB

“ 3 yr old in tip top condition. Good length of head with eye of correct shape and colour. Ears well set and high. Nice arch of neck, well developed chest and clean front. Effortless, light and sound with her movement”  Judge : Mark Elliot.

Wealdstone & Northolt Dec 2022  “  3 year bitch of beautiful type and when she pulls herself up makes the most beautiful picture of such a true square Belgian silhouette, lovely clean head with dark almond shape eye giving such a lovely melting expression , good parallels , complete scissor bite , lips well split with good pigmentation , good ears and set just a shame she was so reluctant to use them , nice length of neck into well defined wither , well ribbed up into short loin , coat was sparse and sadly she seemed a bit over whelmed by the noisy hall and just wouldn’t use herself to advantage , movement was erratic but when she settled was ok , I’m sure in different circumstances this girl will no doubt come into her own. , Res BOB. Judge : Shane Church

Bath Ch Show “A very classical bitch of excellent type, clean head, well balanced with good parallels, excellent dark eye well set, good chiselling, lively enquiring expression. Small ears well set and used. Excellent body shape with good top and underline and height withers. Clean movement with the correct side gait. Very elegant all through. Unfortunately, not in the best of coats today but showed really well, in the challenge close up for RCC.'  Sandra Smith 

Reading Premier Show June 22

“3 year old bitch of lovely type. Good length head, balanced skull to muzzle. Flat skull, good stop and parallels. Dark eye of good shape and size and beautiful melting expression. Nice reach of neck into well defined wither , correct straight limbs & good tight feet , good length and spring of rib and short loin , her silhouette is Excellent , presented in top class condition and handled to get the best from her , a very promising young lady who I was delight to award Best Of Breed “.  Lynda Church

S Counties Ch Show June 22

Lovely 3 year old feminine bitch with a pretty head and expression, well balanced square outline, nice arch to neck well set on shoulders, moderate angulation, nice underline, moved well, on the smaller side of the standard. RBB”  E Forsey

BSDA of GB Ch Show May 2022

‘A smaller framed female but all in proportion, lovely dark almond shaped eyes, excellent high set ears which she used very well, good head shape, well arched neck, good front, good top line and underline, good tail set and croup, in lovely condition, sound to and fro, good side action.’

Yvonne Dudds

Beckenham 2021

“Very pretty Bitch, excellent breed type with good well balanced head proportion and a proud carriage, dark eye with a very alert expression, good pigment throughout.  Good length of forelegs with good muscle, tight topline held well standing and on the move, medium angulation and well muscled hind quarters, which gave her powerful, brisk movement around the ring.”

Judge: S Tadd

LKA  Ch Show 2019

7 months old and such a sweet girl.  Medium length head with good parallels.  Lovely dark well shaped eye giving excellent expression.  Neat ears used well. Moderate front angulation, OK behind.  Good topline held on the move.  When moved at a slower pace, settled and moved well.  Very pretty girl.  Best Puppy.

Judge : Janet Phillips

Georgia stayed at home with her mother Tosca, Aunty savvy and Uncle Bruges. Georgia’s show results:

Aug 23              2nd PGB                                     Bournemouth Ch Show            L Church

June 23             1st PGB / Res BB                     S Counties Ch Show                 K Hedburg

Mar 23               RBOB                                         Guildford                                    M Elliot

Dec 22               1st PG                                          Wealdstone                                S Church

July 22               1st GB                                         E of Eng Ch Show                    B King

June 22             RBB                                           Windsor Ch Show                     E Forsey

June 22             BOB                                            Reading                                      L Church

May 22             1st PGB                                      Bath Ch Show                            S Smith

May 22             1st PGB                                      BSDA of GB Ch                       Y Dudds

May 22             2nd PGB                                     The National Ch                        L Salt

Sept 21             1st G                                            Thame                                         S Tadd

Aug 21              1st PGB                                      Bath Ch                                      M Hodgeson

July 21               1st PGB                                      NW&PBS Ch                             A Margerison

June 21             Res BB                                       S Counties Ch                           

Feb 20               1st P & J D/B, BP Res BOB   Maidenhead

Dec 19               BP                                               Wealdstone

Dec 19               Best Puppy                                 LKA     Ch                                   J Phillips