Text Box: ROXY  -    CHAMPION  JETAIME   ESPRIT   D’ELEGANCE   12/03 — 2/17  R.I.P.
Mother of : Elegance/  Etoile & Essence litters,  Ch. Jetaime Elegance De Luna ,  Ch. Jetaime Etoile Du Futur ShCM. ,  Ch. Jetaime Essence de Parfait .
Grandmother of : Anoushka’s Allure / Alliance litter,  Kara’s Designer Litter, Kara’s Love Litter, Kennel Nightsabre‘s ‘Moon’ litter and ’Lakes’ litter  
Sister to  :  International Champion  C.I.E. LTUW-06  LT CH BH Jetaime Esprit Du Futur


At the age of 12 Roxy is now a companion visiting dog, spending time with elderly  people who can not leave their homes who miss having a dog. Our first home bred Groenendael, Roxy  is a UK Champion. A truly elegant bitch with a beautiful head, expression &  movement. Roxy lives up to her name, being full of the ‘spirit’ of the Belgian Shepherd. Roxy had to 9  puppies in 2007. Daughter Anoushka has  1 CC and 4 RCC’s  +  Daughter Luna  3 CC’s incl. CC / BEST OF BREED at CRUFTS 2009 & 2010 & is a UK Champion!!! Son Spirit  BEST OF BREED CRUFTS 2016 & has 12 CC’s / 11 RCC’s,  is a UK Champion & a Sh CM title!!! Several of her offspring are excelling in  agility. See Elegance for her daughters & Etoile  for her sons. Or  click on  Anoushka, Luna, Jess, Beler for her daughters or Spirit, Jak, Max for her sons. See Tahaioni her mother who lives here with us.

See Essence for her 2nd litter born 2011 . . . Son Rio wins CC & BOB at just 13 months old!!!! Daughter Kara has won 3 CC’s and 4 Res CC’s and is a UK Champion , daughter Savannah 4 Res CC’s and son Michigan Res CC at 18 months.

 Roxy is a UK Show Champion with 5 CC’s and 13 Res CC’s. She is being consistently well placed in the show ring - see results: and has done agility  also! Roxy has now had 2 litters : Etoile/Elegance  and  Essence. She is also a Grandmother to Anoushka’s 7 pups , Kara’s 11 pups and Luna’s 12 pups . . . .


Show Results / critiques 

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S Wales Ch Oct 2013 Res CC

“ 9˝ years bitch of exceptional quality. Yes, there are some aspects of age that held her back from the top award, but I just love this girl . Lovely outline, the best of heads for length, parallelism, beautiful dark almond eyes. High set excellent ears so well used, but a tad wide at the base. Lovely neck for length & clean set on, correct quarters, balanced angles from all aspects, excellent side & front gait. I couldn’t resist awarding her the RCC, she is such an embodiment of the BSD bitch”  Judge : Mary Deats


DARLINGTON Ch  Sept 2013 Res CC

“Very good feminine head and expression. Good head planes, dark eyes, ears well set. Good neck and head carriage. Square outline. Well made overall. Dense coat of good texture with undercoat. Good brisk mover. Res CC”

Judge  :  Brenda Banbury


E of ENGLAND Ch July 2012  Best Bitch / CC / BOS

& Roxy’s Son Spirit Best Dog / CC / BOB !!!

“What a lovely bitch, fits the Standard well, lovely refined head & feminine, in great condition body & coat, used her strong hindquarters well on the move & is sound. CC

Judge  ;  J Carter


DRIFFIELD Ch Sept 2011 Best Bitch / CC / BOS

“ A lovely example of the breed, combines elegance and style, lovely head and expression & well balanced in body to give lovely outline. In super condition. CC

Judge: Kevin Young


PAIGNTON Ch Aug 2010 Best Bitch / CC/ BOS

“Tall elegant bitch of excellent quality, turned out in beautiful coat and condition, head of equal length with excellent chiselling, beautiful eye shape & colour, neat small triangular ears, well set and used constantly, good bone, straight limbs & good chest. Body well developed. Neck a bit upright but good length with height at withers. Topline level with rounded croup & correct tail set, good angulations, nice feet, moved free and elegantly . CC, her third.”  Judge:  Dyllis Knight



“A lovely bitch to look at standing, super head with lovely soft expression. She is of the right size, compact, in great coat and body and strong hindquarters, she moved with grace and freedom and is sound from all angles. Best Bitch.”  Judge:   John Carter


BSDA of GB  March 2009:


“Judged her 4 years ago, she has now matured into an excellent showgirl. Beautiful long expressive head. Almond shaped eyes, very neat high set ears. Good topline and angulation. Moved with ease. BB and BOB”  Judge:   Pam Davies.



BATH Ch May 2010 CC & BOB

“Beautiful expression, small well set ears, almond eyes, good head planes, wide mouth, balanced outline, good underline, level topline and gentle slope to croup, good angulations front and rear, tight feet with good bone and coat condition. Moved like the star she was, easily and freely. CC and BOB”

Judge:  Mrs S Hewart-Chambers


  LKA Ch 2008:  Bitch CC

“Lovely feminine bitch presented in nice condition. Clean well balanced head and nice dark eye, ears used well. Good neck and shoulders.  Straight front.  Good topline and depth of chest. Stands well behind. Good overall balance. Moved soundly front and rear.”


Judge:  Vic Salt.



“Loved the head & expression, good ear set, dark eye & muzzle, good split, square, well balanced standing & on the move, nice front, well filled chest,

body & good rib length,

impressed for RCC”

Judge: Jeff Luscott








Aug 2013 : aged 9.5 years

5 C.C.s  /  13 Res C.C.’s

Top Brood Bitch in the UK (BSDA of GB) 2012 & 2013

   *  *  RCC  S Wales Ch Show 2013  *  *    

*  *  R.C.C.  Darlington Ch Show 2013  *  *

BEST VETERAN in show  -  BSDA of GB Ch Show 4/8/12

*  *  C.C.  E of England Ch Show 2012  *  *

 *  * B.O.B.  S Counties Ch Show  2012  *  *

*  *  R.C.C. National 2012  *  *

 *  *  R.C.C.  S Wales 2011  *  *

*  *  C.C.  Driffield 2011  *  *  *

*  *  R.C.C.  SKC 2011  *  *

*  *  *  C.C.  Paignton 2010  *  *  *

*  *  R.C.C.  NW&PBS 2010  *  *

    *  *  *  C.C. & B.O.B. Bath  2010  *  *  *

* * R.C.C.   National 2010 * *

  * 1st Open Bitch CRUFTS 2010 *

* * R.C.C.   Darlington 2009 * *

*  *  R.C.C.   SKC 2009  *  *

* * R.C.C. East of England 2009  *  *

Res Best in Show BSDA of GB Mar 09

  * *  *  C.C.   LKA 2008  *  *  *

* *  R.C.C.  CRUFTS 2007 * *

 * * R.C.C.  SKC 2007 * *

 * * R.C.C. Birmingham 2006 * *

 (Roxy’s 2 Daughters & Son are UK Champions)