Text Box:   ‘Savannah’  -  Jetaime Essence D’Elegance ***  
								Ch.   Corsini   Valentino   x    Ch   Jetaime   Esprit D’ Elegance    March  2011  (Hip Score 2:0 Eyes Clear)

Roxy’s daughter ‘Savvy’ lives here with her sister Anoushka and our import Tosca . She is very feminine and pretty just like her Mum :-) Like Roxy , Savvy is taking a long time to mature.  However she is consistently being placed in the show ring and we look forward to seeing how she matures. Click   here   to see show results and below for some of her critiques:



August 2016 WKC R.C.C.

5 yr old feminine bitch showing well, nice elegant head, dark eyes, neat ears used to advantage, lovely body shape, good coat and condition, moved smartly around the ring. RCC”

Judge:  J Caden

July 2016 NW&PBS R.C.C.

“Good competitive class won by this impressive girl. Has a lovely type throughout, well balanced head of type and proportions, long muzzle, good ear with the flow through neck, topline and body, smart on the move with the attitude and stride”

Judge : Jeff Luscott

Mar 2015 CRUFTS 2nd LB

“Similar in stamp to 1 and such a close decision, shape to head, beautiful dark eye, clean cheeks and ears well set, gently arched neck into the best of shoulders, well coupled body to suit, muscular and producing sound brisk action “ 

Judge: S Mallard

Jan 2015 Boston Ch Show Res BEST BITCH

“3 yr old bitch pleasing shape in good coat and condition. Well proportioned head with neat ears and dark eye. Good front & rear angulations. Looked a picture standing but didn’t like the floor. Moved enough to allow me to ward her Res BB”   Judge  :  Jane Hill

Oct 2013  BSDA of GB  1st LB / BEST BITCH /RBOB

“ 2 Year old bitch, very alert and attractive in stance. Good dentition, lovely dark eyes, enquiring expression, long well chiselled head, minimum stop, neat ears. well set and used constantly, Good pigmentation, good reach of neck and depth of chest, slightly straight in upper arm. Level top line. held well on the move. Good croup and tail set. Brisk on the move with good pace, slightly toes out in front coming towards you and elbows out slightly but very pleasing balanced side gait. Excellent temperament. Well presented, right up on her toes, stood out so well. Best Bitch “  Judge  :  Jan Munro

Sept 2013  Richmond Ch Show  1st LB / Res BEST BITCH (Mum Roxy Best Bitch)

“Well proportioned bitch of good type, well chiselled head with good length of muzzle, dark eye of good shape, well set ears, correct mouth, held top line on move, moved briskly RBB”  Judge  :  Sandra Caldow

Aug 2013  Bournemouth Ch Show  1st PGB

“Loved the impression of this bitch with a smart square outline, excellent qualities in head, alert and head held on the move. She has the body top line and rear quarters, good to go over. Moved to please & considered in the challenge.” 

 Judge  :  Jeff Luscott

July 2013 E of England Ch Show 1st PGB

Excellent head, eye & expression, good length to head, excellent ear set & carriage, square body, good coat,

moved well”  Judge  :  G Rual

July 2013 NW&PBS Ch 1st PGB

“Lovely feminine bitch with dark almond shaped eye, neat lip line, good neck and distinct withers, excellent shape making a lovely overall picture, sound on the move with good side gait”  Judge : Lyn Salt

July 2013  Windsor Ch Show Res BEST BITCH (sister Janneka BB/BOB)

“In lovely coat and condition, medium sized pretty bitch with correct scissor bite, dark almond eye with alert expression, well chiselled head, flat skull, medium ears erect and well used, well arched neck, well angulated shoulders, & deep chest,  level topline held on the move,  slightly sloping croup, well set tail,  brisk free easy mover. RBB”  Judge : J Donaldson

May 2013  The National Ch Show  Res CC (sister Delphe CC)

“Lovely typy girl, full of quality, alert with mobile, well set ears of good size, pretty expression, pleasing profile, shape with round croup and good angulations front and rear, well carried tail, moved out easily”  Judge  :  S Hewart-Chambers

June 2013    S Counties Ch Show    BEST OF BREED

“ Such a feminine bitch with a beautiful head, such balance to it, lovely neat ears, alert expression, lovely neck, top line, slight slope over croup, well made throughout with good bone, she stood square at all times, presenting a balanced outline with such elegance standing and on the move. Moved very well. BB/BOB”  Judge  :  Alison Scutcher

May 2013   Chelmsford    BEST OF BREED

“2yr B Correct shape with a lovely head, dark eye and exquisite expression. Good ear set and carriage. Well laid back shoulders, good ribbing, correct slope to croup and lovely rear angles. Although unsettled behind on the move she is lovely in front and moved better in the challenge to win BOB”   Judge  :  Ray Macdonald

April 2013    Camberley    BEST OF BREED

“2yrs Ultra feminine bitch,  had everything to offer. Good head ,expressive expression, good planes, small ears used well, scissor bite. Square body, straight top line, sloping croup, moved well. Best of Breed” Judge  :  Tracy Gray

Feb 2013    Maidenhead    1st PG D/B

“Beautifully balanced girl, very nice  head and expression, nice eye shape, good ear set, well angulated front and rear. Had left her coat at home but won this class as her sheer type could not be denied”     Judge : Lyn Church

Sept 2012    Richmond Ch Show   1st Junior Bitch

Very nice quality, very attractive overall shape. Pleasing head, eye & ear set with a good length of neck & firm nicely covered body, good topline, better in front & moved better than 2 “     Judge  :  G Hill

Aug 2012    Paignton Ch Show    1st Post Grad Bitch

“16 month old who has a lovely shape, good muscle tone and nice balance in angulations for her age, very pretty head and expression with good planes, on the move was very positive and true in all directions.”     Judge : C Chapman

May 2012    Northern BSD    1st Junior Bitch

“Good chiselling, moderate stop. Lovely eyes and alert expression. Ears well set and used. Good neck, top line and croup. Well muscled and good depth of chest. Little close coming but excellent side gait. Excellent temperament.”    

Judge  :  Karen Angier



A McLaren

A McLaren

A McLaren

Savvy winning Best Bitch / RBOB

at the BSDA of GB Oct 2013

K Buckley