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Ch.   Corsini   Valentino   x    Ch   Jetaime   Esprit D’ Elegance   23/3/2011  (Hip Score 4:4   Eyes clear 14/9/2015)

Roxy’s daughter Priscilla ’Cilla’  lives in Cambridgeshire with Marie and her family and a long haired pointer called Elvis. Cilla is co-owned with Valerie and she has started gracing the show ring with great success alongside her sisters Savannah, Bailey and Kara and her brothers Rio and Michigan. Cilla is very smart and  a very determined character  and  is a stunning little girl with a will  of her own. At the age of 2 Cilla has appeared on stage in the 2013 production of ‘Annie’ and had also done live demonstrations of tricks and obedience and has just been filmed for TV more details to follow. June 2014 Cilla passes her KC Good Citizens Bronze and Silver awards:  Cilla’s Show results:








BSDA of GB Ch Show 2015  1st Post Grad Bitch Graded Excellent !

Complete dentition, scissor bite, 4 year old bitch of medium height, long head with dark eyes, ears of good shape, well carried,

good expression, good bone, muzzle lacks a bit of volume, chest well descended, very nice neck, good topline, good croup, good movement, , gay tail, excellent.”  Judge :  Annemarie Heraly.

Cambridge CS Res BOB ANVSC (27 entries)

Feminine bitch of good proportions, compact body, and just right for substance. Beautifully chiselled head, correct bite, dark eye and good ear carriage, lovely expression good for and aft, moved out very well round the ring”  Judge : Britt-Marie Young

Boston Ch Show Jan 2014 Res BEST BITCH

“ Well presented 2 year old. Excellent character, expression and appearance. Good head and skull. Correct chiselling. Parallel planes. Good length of muzzle and mouth complimented by her pigmentation. Scissor bite. Supple well reaching neck. Good angulations of both forequarters and hindquarters. Distinct withers, straight front legs, parallel pasterns. Good depth of chest well let down with good width of brisket and spring to ribs. Level top line, nicely rising underline. Hocks well let down and parallel. Very good movement. Seriously considered for BOB”  Judge  :  S Bennett

LKA Ch Show Dec 2013

“ 2 yrs pretty female in lovely coat and condition, medium length head, nice dark eye , a little round in shape, flat skull, moderate stop, nice expression, lovely neck, ears high set and used well, moved very nicely”  Judge  :  B Robinson.

Peterborough 1st PG AVNSC

“ In good coat, lovely chiselled head, medium length in muzzle, dark eye, strong neck and good shoulders, nice ratio’s length and height, straight forelegs, muscular hind legs she moved well and I loved her personality pity she missed challenging for BOB”  Judge  :  Sue Smith

The National Ch Show 2013 2nd Post Grad Bitch (sister Savvy 1st)

“ Really attractive girl, lovely alert ears and set, wide mouth, feminine expression, dark almond eye, nice straight front, maybe a tad short in ribbing, but lovely condition, moderate angulations, moved OK”  Judge  :  S Hewart-Chambers

Huntingdon CS Nov 2012 Best AVNSC

“ Finely chiselled head with a lovely shaped eye, nice shape overall, short loin, good angulations, moved well”   : G Atkins

BSDA of GB Ch Show 4 Aug 2012 1st Yearling Bitch, graded Excellent

16 month female with long expressionful head. Beautiful eyes. Bite & teeth OK. Parallel planes, minimal stop. Good ear set, slightly large ears. Excellent neck and back. Good fore chest and chest. Excellent bone & feet. Stands parallel, could have been higher on legs. Excellent tail set. Moves freely balanced enough. Excellent coat & colour. Friendly and well presented. Excellent.”  Judge  :  Sonny Strom (Sweden)

E of England Ch Show July 2012  1st Junior Bitch

“ Nice refined head with good ear carriage, good overall balanced shape, in nice body condition, used her good hindquarters in her free gait, very sound “  Judge  :  John Carter

LKA Ch Show Dec 2011  1st Minor puppy Bitch, BEST PUPPY BITCH

“ Loved the head on this beautiful puppy, she has the outline and balance coming through, she has the style and shape, good  front and rear with the topline and rear quarters, developing well in body with the coat and finish, could tighten on the move and work with her handler to make a good team”  Judge  :  Jeff Luscott

Midland Counties Ch Show Oct 2011 BEST PUPPY IN BREED

“Very pretty feminine bitch, nice head and dark eye, good reach of neck, nice body shape, good topline, moved well, pleased to give her Best Puppy”  Judge: Val Thompson

Dec 2015

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Aug 2015


July 2015

Oct 2014


1st GCB

1st PGB


1st PGB


2nd PGB

Good Citizens Gold

1st GCB / 2nd GB






E of England Ch


Birmingham Ch

P Lawless

Cath Bond


Mdme Heraly


Louise England


L England



1st PG D/B (AVNSC)

Res BOB   (AVNSC 27 entries)

Isle of Ely CS

Cambridge CS

R Searle

B Marie-Young


1st PGB / Res BB


S Bennett

Dec 2013

1st PGB


B Robinson




V Slade


2nd PGB

E of England Ch

G Rual


2nd PGB

National Ch

S Hewett Chambers

Nov 2012



G Atkins


1st PGB

Midland Counties Ch

J McManus


1st YB ‘Excellent’


S Strom


1st JB

E of England Ch

J Carter


Best in Show

Oakleigh Fairs



1st JB


Mo Glenton

Dec 2011

1st MPB / Best Puppy B


J Luscott


1st PB / Best Puppy

Midland Counties Ch

V Thomson